We offer many Tiers of Service including very affordable One Pagers! Due to the nature of this competitive business, we will no longer post our Pricing but can assure you that it is always less than what others charge. Let us know how we can help: 505.954.1842

If you're just starting out on a limited budget, here's what we offer:

MOBILE FRIENDLY WORDPRESS STARTER SITE: a 3 page individualized WordPress site is a one-time fee of (call us at 505.954.1842).

You will not have to keep paying for it. You will only pay a modest annual fee for your Hosting directly to your Hoster ($108 approx). For the first year we can get you a 50% discount (so that would be about $57 – 67) with the top Hoster that we recommend because of their excellent Support. You can have as many email address's as you wish and Domain Name registration is free.

WordPress is template-based. We use good Free Templates (chosen for your needs) for Starter sites but if you wish to purchase a Premium Template that we highly recommend, it would be an extra $65.

Once you learn how to manage your site, you can add as many pages as you wish. It will include the following:

  • Learn WordPress. One FREE 60 min Tutorial (in person or Remote). If you need more time, Cybernuns charges $75 per hour 
  • An attractive text logo
  • Social Media icon links
  • An excellent SEO plugin (you will learn how to do SEO in your Tutorial)
  • An excellent Security Pluigin (we will set that up)
  • Learn how to use your Hosters Services for promotion
  • Learn how to maintain your new WordPress site
  • How to Blog
  • How to format and add images
  • How to change, add or delete text
  • 15 days Free Tweeking after site goes Live
  • Site & Access info