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We try to create websites that convey warmth and, whenever possible, a dash of humor. No one is a number and they should not feel like one when visiting your site. At Cybernuns, you get a professionally crafted website tailored to your needs without having to pay an arm and two legs. Our price includes basic SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Security Plugin, Social Media icons, Custom Logos, image formatting, writing & editing services, 15 days Free Tweeking after site goes Live, Site & Access info.

Website Training: Generally, if you are already familiar with WordPress, one hour is enough. With more complex sites, you can book as many Tutorials as you wish. We charge $85 for the hour. We tutor remotely.

We accept all credit cards through PayPal.


WORDPRESS | Not just for Blogging! WordPress started in 2003 as just an online blogging system, but has evolved to be used by millions of people as a full content management system (CMS). Because it has evolved however, it is now more challenging to create a professional, customized (unique to you) website that also has the necessary security & SEO. That’s where Cybernuns comes in. Because the WordPress “backend” or “Admin” area is very intuitive, once we teach you, you CAN learn how to take care of it.

Once you learn – and it’s not hard – you no longer need to pay fees to maintain or update your website.


ABOUT JOOMLA | Designed in 2005 for creating highly interactive multi-language web sites, online communities, forums, media portals and eCommerce applications. Joomla (and Magento & Drupal) are better suited to sites that have a great deal of content.

Q: WHAT ABOUT UPDATING THE JOOMLA VERSION? As of the 2.5 branch, it’s now all automated.

Q: WE HAVE AN OLDER VERSION OF JOOMLA THAT IS NO LONGER SUPPORTED BY OUR HOSTER, CAN YOU HELP? Yes. We’ve been rebuiling the older versions into the 3.0+ branch. Just contact us.

ABOUT MOBILE FRIENDLY SITES  |  Here are some astonishing statistics about Mobile devices (Smartphones, Pads, Tablets, Laptops). Across all industries, mobile traffic is increasing by 3.5% per month. 77% of mobile searches occur at home or work—even if a computer is nearby. These devices led to the development of ‘Responsive’ websites that would display well on any device.


A ‘Responsive’ website is one breaks itself down smoothly across those mobile devices with their multiple monitor sizes, screen resolutions, and platforms. It allows the developer to create a site that is optimized for each platform, both in navigation, readability and load time. As you can see when resizing this window (if you are viewing this site on a computer), the layout of the page shifts depending on the size of the screen; with different layouts for content depending on viewing area.

The shocking current statistics on online attention span in is that if your site does not load fast enough or display properly in 5 SECONDS, you have lost that visitor. Need we say more?

ABOUT SEO | Search Engine Optimization is how the search engines find you. Ask some SEO companies about SEO and they’ll try and blind you with science and confuse you into thinking it’s a black art. Say to some companies, “what is SEO,” and two hours later you’ll be none the wiser.

In simple terms, SEO involves writing pages & titles & metatags that use keywords, words people use in searches, and securing links from other pages to show how important your page is compared to others. Links are votes and votes get you elected to page One. 15 links from quality relevant resources (pages) to your page will have a much bigger impact on how your page ranks than a 1,000 low value links as sold by many SEO companies. That’s SEO. And you can learn it OR you can hire us!