Ok. You've decided you need a professional website. Excellent. Just one thing. After you make your Deposit to schedule the work, we'll need you to do some homework. The most important feature on any successful website is the content. Not the whizz bangs & whirly gigs but what's in the box…the contents. The following is what we need you to provide:



MISSION STATEMENT | Who are you? This is often the hardest because like a movie, you should be able to sum up what you're about in one sentence then you can elaborate.

TARGET AUDIENCE | Exactly that…whom are you trying to reach?

DOMAIN NAME | Is it too long? Hard to spell? Keep it simple.

CONTENT | Organize your text for each page. Text can be submitted as a Word doc or a PDF or an eMail but it needs to be digital so we can paste & format into your site. We edit everything for maximum communication in other words, give us the text, we'll know what to do with it. Google rewards sites with higher Ranking for rapidly changing & original content.

IMAGE CONTENT | Image formatting is included in our quote to you. Images need to be submitted in digital format, and preferably, in high-resolution. We like to format them for the web ourselves and it's always best to start with high resolution shots. If you don't have images, we can provide Royalty Free ones. If you need scanning or other special graphics, additional charges will apply but no more and probably less than you'd have to pay elsewhere. Lastly, in a digital document, list the images (by name or number) and the information that goes with it.

SITES YOU LIKE | eMail us a list of websites that appeal to you. The more we know, the more fine-tuned your custom website will be. Class dismissed.